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Christ Child Academy utilizes a tuition management service called FACTS Management Company.  All families must enroll in FACTS to pay tuition.  Parents may access information about their accounts or pay invoices at any time at online.factsmgt.com.

Hot Lunch & Milk

Hot lunch and milk will be on a prepaid account.  This account must be funded for lunch or milk to be taken, an email notification will be sent for a low balance reminder.


All incidentals such as Extended Day Program fees, field trips, sport fees, and any other fees will be on a separate invoice.  All fees for a given month will be input into FACTS at the beginning of the following month.


We pay $50 for each family signed up for FACTS that have three or more tuition payments per year, the fee for two or less payments is $20, We are paying FACTS to take care of your questions for us, to save us time, and to give you access to information when you need it.

FACTS (FAQ) how do I contact FACTS?

The FACTS parent customer service line is 866-441-4637.  You can call them anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for posted holidays.  The customer service is fully staffed until 7pm; there may be a time after 7:00 pm when you are asked to call back if the issue cannot be resolved at that time.

When should I call FACTS and when should I call the school office?

Most of the time, you should start with a call to FACTS.  Questions about billing, invoices, changing contact information, and other general logistical questions can be handled by customer service.  If they need more information, they will contact us to help answer your question.  Questions about the amounts that you are billed may be directed to the school business manager, Nancy Schulze.

I prepaid the whole year of tuition already, why do I need an account?

All families are required to have an account, as this is how all of our fees are billed including hot lunch, field trips, etc.  It doubles the work of the office staff if we must keep track of FACTS and non-FACTS families.

How can I see what the extra charges on my monthly bill are?

If you go online at online.factsmgt.com, FACTS breaks down the amount you owe.  Click on “View Details” under Payment Plan & Billing

 When are payments due?

Payments for every family are due to FACTS by the 20th of each month.

How do I pay FACTS, and are there fees associated with any payment method?

Christ Child Academy prefers that all families sign up for Automatic Withdrawal through FACTS.  You can choose automatic withdrawal from your checking account, debit card, or credit card.  If you choose to pay by credit card, FACTS charges an extra 2.85%. Funds may also be mailed in by the due date.

Each family is required to complete and submit a registration form and register for FACTS, which CCA partners with in the collections of all tuition and fees.