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Scholastic Reading Counts




We are excited to introduce the Scholastic Reading Counts! (SRC) program to our school.  This personalized, computer-based program will help our students track their success with the books they read, test their comprehension, and suggest books to match their interests and reading levels. For our teachers, it will track what books are being read – in and out of school – and provide individualized reports to better gauge student progress over time.

How SRC works: After reading a book, students will be asked to complete an approximately 10-question, online comprehension quiz either in their classroom or the CCA library. Tests may not be taken at home.  The quizzes will assess how well the student understood the content and award “points” based on the number of correct answers. The test may be retaken if the student does not pass the first time. Each CCA teacher will determine the number of tests and/or points each student will need to earn.

A big benefit of SRC is that it is a “lexile based” program. A lexile is a number given to a book or reader. This number represents an individual’s reading ability or a text’s difficulty. It helps students, teachers and parents more easily and accurately determine appropriate reading materials, based on a child’s current skills and abilities.

Each lexile “range” has an associated color code (see chart below). All books in our library are currently being labeled according to lexile ranges to make it easy for children to find books appropriate to their reading level. For instance, if your child is a beginning reader with a lexile range of 411-561, he or she should look for books labeled Yellow 2 or Yellow 3 at the library.


Color Code

Lexile Level

Grade Level

Pink 1 NP – 200 1
Pink 2 201 – 300 1
Yellow 1 301 – 400 1, 2
Yellow 2 401 – 500 2
Yellow 3 501 – 600 2, 3
Yellow 4 601 – 700 3
Orange 1 701 – 800 4
Orange 2 801 – 900 5
Orange 3 901 – 1000 6, 7
Orange 4 1001 – 1100 7, 8
Green 1 1101 – 1200 9, 10
Green 2 1201 – 1300 11, 12
Green 3 1301 – 1400 12
Green 4 1401 or more 12 and up


Based on MAPs testing in May of last school year,  your child has been assigned a lexile range. New students will not have a lexile range yet. All families will receive updated lexile numbers following MAPs testing late September/early-October.


To learn more about Lexile measures, please visit:



To search available quizzes, books, lexile measures and more, you are encouraged to visit the

Scholastic Reading Counts Books Expert website, just click the button below!



If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at sebert@christchildacademy.com