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Using PowerSchool, students and parents will be able to access vital information about student performance quickly and accurately.  The results of tests and assignments can be quickly and easily seen as soon as they are recorded, enabling quick intervention and communication with teachers, if necessary.

PowerSchool has the ability to have a single sign-on for parents.  This means that parents can have one login to access all of their children’s grades and attendance in one place.  Also, parents and guardians do not have to share logins as each parent or guardian can set up his or her own unique login and password.

Access in PowerSchool
1. Open the internet browser on your computer

2. Type http://archmil.powerschool.com/public into the address bar

3. The first time, you select Create Account, to create your parent access and link your account with your student(s).

4. Complete the information and create your unique Username and Password (both are case sensitive).  You will need the parent access code and password assigned by Christ Child Academy.  If you have multiple children in enrolled, you will be able to enter all of their access ID’s to link them all to your single account.  Please be advised that the parent access ID’s and passwords are case sensitive and unique for each child.

Navigating in PowerSchool
Click on the icons across the top of the PowerSchool window to view other screens.  If you have more than one student, you will see a button to switch between your students’ information.

Viewing Grade and Assignment Information
1. Click on the Grades and Attendance icon.
2. Click on any class grade to see details about assignments in that class.
3. Click on any teacher name to open an email message to that teacher.  PowerSchool will use the default email program on your computer to create and send that message.
4. Click on any blue link/number to read more detailed notes from teacher.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at christchildacademyoffice@gmail.com.