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GYM Project

Since 1986 the Christ Child Academy GYMNASIUM has served as the venue for countless sporting events, gym classes, band and choir concerts, Immaculate Conception funeral dinners, Thanksgiving day meals, bingo and many other gatherings enjoyed by young and old.

The GYM is in need of renovation. Through a collaborative effort of the athletic committee, parents, and parish leaders, a Renovation Project is underway.

The goal is to raise $120,000, through third source funding. The first $85,000 will go towards the replacement of the gym floor with cushioned hardwood, replacing the current tiles. Any additional funds raised will go towards scoreboards, replacing the sound system and additions and repairs to the current backboards and hoops.

For more information please contact Jane Riley Best at 920.457.9408 ext. 107 or bestj@catholicsouthside.com.

GYM Remodel Project