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Student Statistics

Our Students
The Iowa Basic Skills Test is taken by 3rd, 5th and 7th graders every April.  The test covers reading, social studies, science and math.  Based on the results of all CCA students, a “proficiency level” is determined.

2013 2014 2015 2016
3rd Grade Reading 90% 94% 94% 84%
Math 86% 72% 82% 100%
Science 76% 83% 94% 95%
Social Studies 90% 89% 88% 89%
5th Grade Reading 75% 75% 87% 82%
Math 90% 100% 87% 88%
Science 90% 94% 96% 82%
Social Studies 85% 94% 78% 88%
7th Grade Reading 73% 60% 86% 100%
Math 100% 87% 91% 100%
Science 82% 67% 91% 92%
Social Studies 91% 80% 82% 100%


Our Alumni
The standards set at C.C.A. provide our graduates with the foundation they need for good study habits and high expectations for themselves as they begin high school and go on to college. Our graduates tell us that they realize the value of their academic preparation as they enter high school with outstanding writing skills and a strong background in science and math. The strength of this educational background is proven – In the last ten years, Christ Child Academy has had fourteen alumni achieve the honor of valedictorian at area high schools!

50% of CCA graduates who are currently seniors in high school are in the top 25% of their class.
50% of CCA graduates who are currently seniors in high school are members of National Honor Socieity.
83% of CCA graduates who are currently in high school are on the Honor Roll.

Our Faculty
Christ Child Academy is blessed with dedicated staff who believe in the advantages of Catholic education. Our teachers don’t have to leave their spiritual life at home—they share their spirituality with the students in a variety of ways each day. In addition, the students see our teachers living out Christ’s message outside of school, by witnessing the teachers’ service to the Lord as active members of our parishes.

60% of our teachers have been on staff for 15 years or more.
80% of our teachers are Catholic.
100% of our Catholic teachers had their own children educated at Christ Child Academy.