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Christ Child Academy offers a Catholic-based curriculum for preschool (both 3 and 4 year old programs) through grade eight where faith is part of everyday life.  If you are looking for a warm and nurturing introduction to school for your child, then Christ Child Academy is just right for you.  Your child will have a wonderful first experience in our school which has again earned accreditation from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association (WRISA).

The public is invited to visit our campus located at: 2722 Henry Street, to learn about the role a Catholic education can play in helping children develop their morals, values and principles while attaining their life-long dreams.

No reservations required.  If you are unable to stop in or would like additional information contact Judy Banie at 459-2660.

If you want your child to grow up and make a difference, please plan to attend.  Come see why everyday is a great day at Christ Child Academy!

Preschool Classes at Christ Child Academy

The Christ Child Academy Preschool offers two separate preschool programs; a 3K and a 4K program.   The 3K class, for children who are at least 3 years old by September 1st, meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 to 2:45 PM. The 4K class, for children who are at least 4 years old, meets Monday through Friday from 8:10 to 11:15 AM. Each class is lead by a trained Wisconsin Certified Lead Teacher and Teachers Aide.

Christ Child Academy’s program strives to help each child with the following goals:

  • make a transition from home to school
  • learn to follow directions
  • work and play with others
  • respond to discipline outside the home and develop self-discipline
  • develop abilities of self-expression through creative acts, music, stories, and physical activities
  • explore new ideas and expand knowledge and ability
  • develop a life-long love of learning
  • learn about Jesus and be a part of God’s family.

Additionally, there will be specific activities throughout the year involving math skills, language development, pre-reading skills, science concepts, creative expression, social development, and motor skills.  It is our expectation that the children will participate to their level of comfort and will continue to grow in these areas.

Christ Child Academy invites you to visit our school, please call 459-2660 to schedule your visit.