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Phy. ED

Welcome to Physical Education K-8th Grade

I believe that physical education should promote a lifetime physical fitness and recreational interests. Each student at CCA has an opportunity to develop socially, mentally, spiritually and physically to his or her fullest potential.

Our students participate in Jump Rope for Heart. This semi-annual event promotes a healthy lifestyle by jumping rope. It also raises funds for the American Heart Association ( in 2015,  we raised an amazing $6,577).

Every four years we hold our very own Winter Olympics. In 2014, the students and their families ran/walked/biked 8,163 miles to Sochi, Russia.   Students make flags representing the different countries, learned folk dances and earn medals by competing in Olympic events.

Every year the middle school students participate in a countywide track meet. CCA offers a wide variety of activities in their physical education program. Along with the usual team sports such as basketball, volleyball, etc., we also offer tennis, lacrosse, frisbee, pickleball, bowling, archery and dancing for the middle school students. I’m proud to be part of the CCA team.