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Welcome to the K-8 Visual Arts Program at C.C.A.

Mrs. Weinhold

Mrs. Weinhold

My name is Roseann Weinhold- I am the art teacher at Christ Child Academy.  I teach both levels- elementary art, grades K-5, and middle school art, grades 6-8.The middle school level art classes include student self-evaluations upon the completion of art projects.  This is a great tool which will further help students in their next big change – high school!

My days at school are usually non-stop and occasionally crazy, but, both personally and professionally rewarding.  The art room is filled with the energy and excitement of creativity!  I feel truly blessed to be able to use my God given skills and talents as an art educator.  I consider it an honor to be able to share my passion for art in a faith based school as well.  The halls at C.C.A. proudly display the colorful achievements of the visual arts program at C.C.A.


Art Class Expectations

Come to art class prepared.

RESPECT- one another, other art projects, the art room and equipment.

Choose appropriate behavior and actions.

Always put forth your best efforts.

Use your art class time wisely.

Always cooperate with clean-up.

Think creatively!


Art Schedule


Grade 1-  9:15-10:00

Grade K-  10:00-10:35

Grade 2-  10:35-11:20

Grade 8-  12:45-1:30

Grade 7-  1:30-2:15

Grade 6-  2:15-3:00



Grade 4-  8:30-9:15

Grade 5-  9:15-10:00

Grade 3-  10:20-11:05

Grade 8-  12:45-1:30

Grade 7-  1:30-2:15

Grade 6-  2:15-3:00