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7th Grade

My name is Melissa Raff and I have been teaching at Christ Child Academy since 2000. I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and following graduation from high school, attended Western Michigan University. There I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.

Mrs. Raff

Mrs. Raff

I truly enjoyed teaching fourth grade for eleven years. The experience allowed me to master the elementary curriculum, and has set me up well for a successful transition to the middle school. My certification is K-8, with emphasis on Math and Science; so when the Math/ Science position became available, I felt called to the position. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to explore a new direction in my career while remaining at a school I love and believe in.

I believe in Catholic Education’s integration of faith into daily life, both personally and professionally. All four of our grown children are CCA alum! At Christ Child Academy we are afforded the opportunity to practice Christian values and fellowship daily…these things are not reserved strictly for Sunday.

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