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 Tournament Information

The Christ Child Academy Athletic Committee would like to extend an invitation to you to be part of our tournament(s) this season. Over the years CCA has built a reputation for hosting quality tournaments, both in terms of the tournament field, and also in the dedication and attention to detail that our committee places on these tournaments.

All games will be played at the Christ Child Academy gymnasium at 2722 Henry Street in Sheboygan. The tournament dates follow:

40th Annual 7th/8th Grade (Boys and Girls)
December 12-15, 2019
Girls Tournament Director: Gary Oehldrich
Boys Tournament Director: Mike Kaffine

24th Annual 5th/6th Grade (Boys and Girls)
February 13-16, 2020
Boys Tournament Director: Jim Glavan
Girls Tournament Director: Nick Reinl

Entry From – Please download and print our Christ Child Academy Basketball Tournament entry form.

Contact Athletic Director, Nick Reinl for additional information or questions.


CCA 7/8 Boys Basketball Team 2018-2019


CCA 7/8 Girls Basketball Team 2018-2019


CCA 5/6 Boys Basketball Team 2018-2019


CCA 5/6 Girls Basketball Team 2018-2019