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About Us

Christ Child Academy Catholic School is a 3K – 8th grade Catholic school serving the community of and around Sheboygan Wisconsin.

As an extension of the Tri-Parish Faith Communities of Immaculate Conception, St. Peter Claver,  and Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Christ Child Academy provides an accredited  core curriculum that fosters spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth.

With tremendous support from parents, faculty, staff and the parish at large, we continue to deliver quality programs and services for approximately 160 students.

Our Mission
Christ Child Academy, a ministry of St. Peter Claver, Immaculate Conception, and Ss. Cyril and Methodius parishes, is a Catholic education community coming together to celebrate and demonstrate Christ’s love.  Our school provides a comprehensive curriculum in the areas of spiritual, academic, character, and social growth.  Out students are God’s own children. Each is infinitely valuable and lovable. By studying, learning, and sharing the teachings of Christ, we inspire our students to develop their potential as persons in a loving, caring atmosphere.

Meet Our Principal, Mr Mark Ruedinger

CCA School Philosophy
At Christ Child Academy, we believe that…
We are created, loved, and saved by God…
Christian education is a loving, growing, living,
and changing experience…

Children have the right to discover the truth about themselves
and the world around them in a Christian atmosphere…

A sense of Christian community makes possible an attitude
of sharing and service woven into our everyday lives…

Students, given the opportunity to make decisions and guided
by possible consequences, become responsible for
their own growth…

Every person has the right and ability to become a caring, knowledgeable
and loving human being…

Self-esteem comes from a healthy self-concept…

A good self-concept is developed by growing in the acceptance
and respect of ourselves and each other…

We, as a community, will work together to reach our goals.

CCA Goals
Based on tradition and scripture, it is the goal of Christ Child Academy to develop the four-fold Catholic school dimension.
MESSAGE: Values in education and faith which are practiced in daily life.
PRAYER/WORSHIP: Moral and spiritual values based on the foundations of Catholicism.
COMMUNITY: An appreciation for all of God’s creatures.
SERVICE: Christ-like attributes and actions in
service and love.

Meet our spiritual leader.

Fliss Paul_A

Fr. Paul Fliss

Father Paul Fliss has been administrator of the Tri-Parish Faith Community of Immaculate Conception, St. Peter Claver, and  Ss. Cyril and Methodius since January, 2013.  He appreciates all the sacrifices that the parishes and parents, along with teachers and administrative staff, have made to make Christ Child Academy a thriving ministry.  Father Paul has worked tirelessly to promote the school, a collaborative venture of all the south-side parishes.  Father Paul is very involved in CCA whether by attending a variety of meetings behind the scenes, preaching and presiding at School Liturgies.  This priest is very proud of our tri-parish school and says that CCA is a school that parents and students alike “Can Have Faith In”!

A rich heritage. An exciting future. The history of CCA.

A Catholic school is a precious legacy of a community handed down from generation to generation. Christ Child Academy is no exception.

While 1888 was the year St. Peter Claver Catholic School welcomed its first students, 1956 saw the construction of a new school building on the parish grounds. To the children and faculty’s delight, the new facility featured a tunnel under the playground connecting the church and school!

In 1919, the Parishioners of Ss. Cyril and Methodius opened the doors to their brand new school overlooking the Sheboygan River.

Similarly, in 1962 the recently relocated parish of Immaculate Conception began construction of its facility. In 1973 the gymnasium for the campus was completed.

Following numerous efforts at citywide consolidation of Sheboygan’s Catholic Schools, the leadership of St. Peter Claver and Immaculate Conception merged their schools are the beginning of the 1986-1987 School year.

In 1999, Ss. Cyril and Methodius Parish became a full member of the Christ Child Academy community.

In 2005 the elementary Campus with classes from 3 year old Kindergarten through 5th Grade were consolidated with the middle school at the Immaculate Conception Campus now hosting pre K – 8th grade.

Our deepest appreciation goes to the parishioners of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, St. Peter Claver and Immaculate Conception Parishes for their generous support of our ministry. We are committed to being a continued source of pride for their parishes.